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The Placa Square (Stradun).
About 1899.
In front of the Ducal palace.
About 1900.
Photo I. Kulisic
The great pier in Gruz.
About 1902.
Photo I. Kulisic
The Placa Square (Stradun)
About 1900.
Sumratin cove at Lapad.
About 1900.
The launching of the sailing ship
"Twelfth Dubrovnik" from Gruz
shipyard, 1875.
Wedding procession
on Lapad station, 1898.
Pile and fare stage for
omnibus coach which linked the town
with its new port of Gruz, about 1901.
The area of Lapad above
Sumratin cove, about 1914.
The old "Petka" hotel in Gruz, about 1895.
The Giorgi Castle at Lapad.
Photo N. Bogisic, about 1901.
Trams at Lapad station, 1910.
Trams ceased to run in 1970.
The Gundulic Green.
The monument, a work by Ivan Rendic,
was erected in 1893.
City gate of Ploce, late 19th.
Dubrovnik, about 1870.
Wood engraving.



Majority of photos on this site are from the Archives of Dubrovnik Museum.
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